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Deborah Werbner



Object Portraits


The object as memento connects us to emotional sensory laden recollections. Deborah creates "object portraits", narrative artifacts drawn from storytelling that hint towards some underlying essence.  Stories are either told by sitters or drawn from newsworthy events, literature or poetry. 

These resonant artifacts are contemplations upon stories, strengthening the bond between object and memory.  Sometimes they are functional - as adornment or for the table, other times they are purely reflective or provoke commentary.  But they nearly always

subvert expectations, bringing the onlooker back to an underlying dialogue, stimulating thought and challening understanding.


Deborah received a MA (Distinction) in Art, Design and Visual Culture from the Cass in 2011.  Deborah began her training as an artist in scultpure and painting whilst residing in Brussels Belgium.  She studied at the RHOK Academy and subsequently in private sculpture studios.  Deborah gained an HND in Silversmithing and Jewellery in 2009.  


Deborah is a member of the Society of Designer Craftsman, CAA Gallery and the Royal Society of Arts.  She has received numerous awards for her small scale silversmithing and sculpture and participated in group exhibitions in London, San Francisco, Munich, Toronto, Cornwall, Cardiff, Finland and elsewhere in Europe.  Her work is in private collections in Great Britain, the United States, Belgium, France and Germany.


Deborah is also an accomplished independent researcher and writer and has contributed to various symposia and publications.  Prior to pursuing her work as an artist Deborah had a career as a lawyer specialising in copyright and entertainment work and received an undergraduate degree in psychology and child development.  She is currently bringing those interests together with design in Ogenblik Ltd., a company she co-founded in 2014, dedicated to designing and making evocative, aesthetic and smart connected objects for better mental health and wellbeing.


Many of Deborah's pieces have been created for specific exhibitions.  She is also happy to take on commission work where she will conduct in-depth interviews to work in collaboration with her clients to create special bespoke objects.


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